The investigation process

We will not accept complaints unless they are submitted to AAT Australia in writing. You may contact us at any time to determine if a person is one of our members. We welcome you discussing your complaint with us however if you do wish to pursue the issue, you must submit a formal complaint using the form provided following this explanatory information.

AAT Australia investigation and disciplinary procedure requires that a copy of the formal complaint be provided to the Member and replies from both the Member and the complainant are copied to each other. We therefore require unconditional authority from both parties to release any and all correspondence to the other party.

During the course of your complaint you may decide to provide certain information on a confidential basis that is not to be released to the other party. Providing information on a confidential basis may make our investigation process difficult and prejudice the interests of the other party. Consequently we retain the right to decide whether or not to accept information provided on such a basis.

Natural justice dictates that any person facing investigation is aware of all the facts being considered.

All complaints will be registered and acknowledged and you will be formally advised whether or not your complaint warrants an investigation.

As we provide the other party with a copy of all information provided to us, your information should not contain defamatory or derogatory comments about the other party.

The initial process involves gathering information from the parties involved. This may take time depending on the amount of information provided and the time each party takes to respond. Parties will be required to respond to requests for information within a reasonable time.

AAT Australia may demand the production of certain records or the answering of particular issues. Complex cases may require several rounds of information gathering.

Therefore the time taken to investigate a matter will vary, depending on complexity, the timing of responses and whether or not legal or other external action is also taken.


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