Bookkeepers Bootcamp

Have you completed your studies and now wondering where to start?

Bookkeepers Bootcamp guides you through a journey to prepare you to do bookkeeping and operate a bookkeeping business, build opportunities and work with clients – from start to finish!
This course is a set-of six practical workshops, building your resources bank for working with clients and within your business. The sessions are delivered online and can be completed at your leisure.

Session 1 – Foundations of setting up a bookkeeping business

Essential knowledge for making decisions about the set-up of and ongoing compliance obligations of your business (and your clients too!). This session provokes the initial conversations about your business planning, organisational tools and getting your message out there.

Session 2 – Bookkeeping processes and essential tools

The beginning, middle and the end of the bookkeeping process build your essential resource bank of policies and procedures, checklists and templates for delivering services to happy clients. 

Session 3 – Meeting new clients

Either existing businesses with an established system or a business start-up at the very beginning, this session looks at the process of establishing the relationship, adequately reviewing the initial and ongoing needs of the client and the tools available to assist communication.

Session 4 – Working with payroll

Advising your clients about their obligations and understanding the payroll related services you are appropriately skilled to provide and the aspects of managing the payroll process. Payroll is a complex function of bookkeeping, meaning that sound processes and procedures are a great advantage when managing payroll and related obligations, whilst understanding where to seek support when required.

Session 5 – Preparing the BAS

Reconciliation tools and checklists to ensure adequate review and “reasonable care” has been taken when preparing the BAS and IAS.   It is important to understand the TASA’s Code of conduct and your obligations as a bookkeeper and/or BAS Agent in providing BAS related services to a client.

Session 6 – Managing end-of-year

End-of-year is a frantic time for bookkeepers and managing clients thoroughly and meeting all compliance obligations as well as adequately planning is a big task. Reconciliation tools and checklists coupled with management tools to assist the process are imperative resources for a bookkeepers toolkit.

Your investment in Bookkeepers Bootcamp is $88 (inc GST) per session, including learning material and practical resources.

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