AAT's Grow to the Cloud program is a course of information and key action points to assist bookkeepers begin their businesses or move their existing businesses to cloud based solutions.  This step-by-step program, including tools, checklists and practical resources, will remove any barriers to leveraging the advantages of moving practices to the cloud and provide support and confidence to arrive at a successful transition.
Enabling bookkeepers to move to the cloud or set-up correctly from the start, specifically:

-       Improving cashflow and profitability
-       Increasing confidence and enjoyment in work life
-       Demonstrating AAT’s resources and benefits to members
-       Promote benefits of Intuit products and partnerships to members

Content overview

Delivered via seven modules of information followed by action points, grow to the cloud will assist you:

Module 1 – Benefits of leveraging cloud technology.

Learn more about the latest in cloud technology and explore the various benefits received by implementing and using cloud technology in your practice. Module 1 explores various comparisons of desktop versus cloud software along with best practise tips.

Module 2 – Gaining confidence and improving conversation skills.

Before you can make a change you need to be equipped with the resources and skills to do so. In Module 2 we explore ways to improve and build on your current confidence levels and see ways other bookkeepers have managed to grow in these important areas.

Module 3 – Marketing and branding.

Deep dive into the world of online marketing, improve your brand and understand the core message you want your customers to understand. This action packed module includes best practice tips, social media tutorials as well as a great guide to plan out your monthly postings.

Module 4 – Developing processes and workflows.

Now you understand the benefits we can explore the actual tools and techniques to implement in your clients businesses as well as your own. Trial task management online software and discuss ways to improve your source document workflow.

Module 5 – Pricing.

To adapt to online bookkeeping we need to align our pricing as well. Through Module 5 you will explore comparisons of traditional versus modern pricing strategies along with ways to discuss pricing with clients and tools to help you change pricing models.

Module 6 – Client Profiles.

Understanding your idea of a perfect client is highly important, once this is understood you can work on attracting this type of business in your marketing. In Module 6 we will look at various ideal and non-ideal client traits and methods to improve your work experience with clients.

Module 7 – Having the right discussions.

Now you’re equipped with the tools and resources to take on the cloud accounting space we need to frame our conversations with clients in an appropriate and persuasive manner. Module 7 showcases examples of quality and strategic conversation with clients to ensure you achieve your goals and help your clients optimise their businesses too.


This is a great opportunity for bookkeepers to grow their opportunities and shift thinking and practices toward bookkeeping tomorrow.
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"I really appreciated the opportunity to take part in the ‘Grow To The Cloud’ workshop, conducted by Sam Burmeister of Tall Books.
I have been a bookkeeper for around 15 years, and keeping up with the continuous change in bookkeeping has been quite daunting.  I found that as I worked through the program I learned of numerous tools that can be implemented to improve my online presence.  Prior to the program, I had been relying solely on word of mouth to promote my business. Since the workshop I have gotten a business name and logo.  I have learned Xero (reluctantly at first) and have tried to promote myself better. I still have work to do but Sam was so easy to talk to and learn from.  I recommend this workshop to everyone who is a bit stuck (in the past…)." - Lisa McNeil