5 Common errors related to STP

  1. STP records are being ‘finalised’ when they are not required to be.
  2. Payroll items are reported to the ATO in their relevant payroll field each STP pay event.  The ATO has advised that they have identified pay code set-up errors and have advised that employers need to check with their payroll software provider to ensure they are using the correct fields in the set-up.
  3. Pay events are being received with only 1 employee where there are known to be multiple employees.  It is important to check with the lodgement report in the ATO portals to check that the information is correct and the set-up within the software is working.
  4. Some STP reporting events are not physically being reported at the same time that the employees are paid, as is the requirement.
  5. Gateway errors affecting STP data making it through to the ATO.  For example, Employers/intermediaries need to report a value in SG or OTE; they can’t both be blank.

    The ATO has put together a guide for employers that you can access