AUSkey Retiring on 27 March 2020

AUSkey will be replaced by myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) at the close of Friday 27 March 2020. AUSkey has been the existing government services identification method for some years, however, has had limited applicability in the increasingly online and mobile business world.

myGovID is a simple, mobile and secure way to access certain online government services and will eventually be the digital identity credential for all government services. It is used in conjunction with RAM to allow users to link a myGovID to an ABN and to manage authorisations for the business. 

See our article from last month for more details on services you can currently access with myGovID.

Whist many BAS agents have made the swap from AUSkey to myGovID, many business owners who lodge their own BAS and super have yet to make the transition. You may be asked to assist clients with this, as there is still confusion between myGovID and an individual’s myGov account. There is also some uncertainty about the role of RAM. A business owner needs to use both myGovID and RAM.

Business Owner Process
  • Business owners should first check their details on the Australian Business Register are correct.
  • Set up personal myGovID digital identity.
  • Set up the business and link the digital identity to the ABN.
  • Decide who needs authority to act on behalf of the business and define the appropriate level of authority for each user.
  • Each authorised user must also have a myGovID already set up in order to accept the authorised role.
As there are business owners who have not yet acted on notifications, do not be surprised if you get a flurry of calls from your employer clients in late March, or when they next go to lodge superannuation and find they can no longer access the business portal!