Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Health Wellbeing Support Service

Beyond Blue has a dedicated support service for mental health during the coronavirus.

There is an online forum, online chat, email and phone support on 1800 512 348.

There are many resources available but some that are useful for bookkeepers and business owners are: 
We bookkeepers and BAS agents continue to work under a great deal of pressure during this time, and it’s essential that we acknowledge the stress that we are going through and be kind to ourselves.

Some of us are struggling… we are exhausted, stressed, working more hours, and trying to stay on top of new rules and regulations. We have clients who are unable to open their business while we are working more than ever. We are secretly a bit jealous of the people who get to hang out with the kids and do crafty projects and gardening. Then some of us are feeling guilty for feeling exhausted because so many people are depressed and stressed about work and money and future livelihood, while our own situation (at least for the moment) seems secure. It’s very complex! But it’s important not to downplay your own stress while we are working under increased pressure.

We are used to being there to help our business owner clients, and we are doing it to an even greater degree now, but many of us are not used to looking after ourselves the same way we look after our clients. Consider taking a long weekend or perhaps a couple of half days here and there to just relax and rest and take time out for yourself.

If you are feeling the burden of looking after your clients and trying to stay focussed and competent please consider talking to the people at Beyond Blue for some support. It’s amazing what a difference it can make just to have someone listen compassionately.

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Alternatively check out Head to Health, a Department of Health website that provides links to hundreds of mental health resources for yourself or for helping others.