Ceasing Client Relationshipts

In previous editions of eNews and Views, we have explored the importance of the letter of engagement between a bookkeeper and a client to assist in establishing the services being provided and the detail of the relationship. Equally as important is mapping out the arrangements when ceasing a relationship with a client, providing reassurance to all parties about the separation plan. Key elements to include in your engagement cessation letter are:

  • The end date for services provided, these may be best listed separately e.g. last payroll processing on XX/XX/XX and final BAS lodged on XX/XX/XX
  • Details for final invoice or billing cycle
  • Hand-over of software access and removal as a user
  • Details of date for removal from your BAS agent portal and/or lodgement software
  • Any hand-over details to other tax professionals if applicable

To assist you in working through this process with your clients, we have created a template for you to customise to fit you and your clients’ circumstances.