Did You Take a Holiday?

So you got organised and took some time off to recover from the craziness of last year…and now you wonder if you imagined the whole thing and you feel like you haven’t had time away from work?!

You’re not alone!

Many people in bookkeeping and accounting are starting the year still exhausted. Don’t forget everyone in our industry has spent the year supporting business owners in extreme stress. Understandably, many of us are still feeling the effects of the last year.

What can you do to save your sanity?

You have to look after yourself and try to get some rest time, even if you can’t take another holiday as soon as you would like!

Some Ideas…

  • Pick a couple of days a week where you can give yourself a relaxed morning and start late, then work a shorter day.
  • Or pick a couple of days where you can finish early and do some exercise or something else for your health and wellbeing.
  • Organise a walk or coffee with a colleague and let yourselves ‘blow off some steam’ about your own work and client challenges. It’s important to acknowledge how things really are before trying to change anything. Talking with a colleague who ‘gets it’ can help to lighten the load and together you can support each other to make changes and look after your own wellbeing.
  • Make a date for some self-care or wellbeing activity and block it out in your calendar – make it a regular weekly or fortnightly event.
  • Take a long weekend completely off work every month. (Working “only half an hour” or checking your email is banned!)
Often slowing down and creating some space and relaxation actually increases productivity when you get back into work. Take the time to plan for yourself, so you can start 2021 if not feeling revitalised and refreshed, at least with some strategies mapped out to allow yourself to work well.