The SBSCH is joining ATO online services from 26 February and is no longer accessible with current authentication details.  This change is being made to include this service with other ATO online services and will enable additional functionalities such as sorting employee listings and accepting credit card payments.

What does this mean for small business?

Small businesses who have an ABN will be able to pay their Superannuation Guarantee (SG) obligations via the ATO Business Portal and these services can be accessed via either of two authentication credentials:

1. Auskey
2. Manage ABN Connections through their myGov account

The Auskey is an authentication credential that identifies you when engaging with government agencies online on behalf of a business
The myGov account facility is a simple way to access government services and share or update information.
For businesses who do not have an ABN, they will need to access the new SBSCH via myGov linked to ATO online services.
They will see a tile dedicated to SBSCH when they log into their account.

What does this mean for BAS Agents?

If you manage the reporting and payments of your clients SG obligations and your client has an ABN, you will be able to access the new SBSCH services via the BAS agent portal.  The SBSCH will be located in the ‘Manage Employees’ menu after 26 February 2016.

For any clients who do not have an ABN and will be unable to access ATO online services, you will need to contact the ATO directly on 1300 660 048 to report and pay the SG obligations manually.

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