JobKeeper Monthly Declaration

The JobKeeper monthly declarations are now required in order to receive the JobKeeper payments.

Extensions were allowed for April, however in future months the ATO is currently advising that declarations must be made by the end of the month.

The ATO declaration page states: “You will not be eligible for and may be required to repay JobKeeper wage subsidy payments if you do not keep records to substantiate all information provided in your application. Penalties may be imposed for giving a false or misleading statement”.

  • Keep records of all advice received from the business owner regarding turnover and eligible employees and business participants—also advise them to do the same.
  • You must print or save the monthly declaration lodgment receipt, as this is not available after you have left the page and is essential for your records.
  • This document contains the receipt ID and the specific information submitted for each employee or business participant in each fortnight period, as well as the actual turnover for the previous month and the estimated turnover for the following month. 
  • Use the print friendly version to download a copy for record keeping purposes. 
Remember, if you are lodging on behalf of a business owner you must have a specific authority form for each lodgment.

See the AAT JobKeeper Process  webpage for all things JobKeeper and authority form templates.