NEW ATO digital online services are coming

The ATO is improving the way it  delivers online services for tax professionals having identified that the current portal is aged technology with a large number of known irritants that are not user friendly; nor can it be used on a mobile device.

The ATO is committed to providing  more stable and contemporary services enabling tax professionals to better support their clients.

Given the issues experienced by members with the current portal and the recent change of hosting for the SBSCH with the ATO, AAT Australia have sought assurances that the new digital services will deliver on the project outcomes defined by the ATO.  AAT nominated tax professionals will be taking part in beta testing of the services to provide feedback and assist in ensuring the service is everything it needs to be in supporting members’ workflow.

The ATO have committed that the new digital service will not go live without meeting minimum standards and the current planned date for deployment is September 2018.  The ATO have further committed that the BAS and tax agent portals that currently exist will not be decommissioned until some-time in the future to ensure tax professionals have ample opportunity to transition their practices.  The initial beta testing programs have commenced and a guidance timeline has been provided for the project: