What kind of bookkeeper are you?
One December over ten years ago, my freelance bookkeeper finished our end of month accounts and knew my company was in the red. We had a very bad quarter that year. She said to me, “don’t worry about my invoice” which was around $100. “It’s my Christmas present to you.” Her kindness was so unexpected and I haven’t forgotten this gift. She was sensitive and compassionate to our situation.  So what kind of bookkeeper are you? Well in this case, our former bookkeeper is quite a remarkable one. 

Recently she helped me to develop an investment deck to raise substantial capital for our start-up company called Gobbill. She also helped to road test the product. What she liked most about Gobbill is that she can just forward bills to her @gobbill.com email address and everything else is taken care of. Gobbill automatically digitises the bill, checks that it’s not a fake one, auto schedules to pay it before the due date using a card or bank account. The billing data can be downloaded into a file with all the original bills zipped up in one file for the financial year. 

We are pleased to be collaborating with AAT to further refine the product. We believe that Gobbill can be an automation tool to support bookkeepers and to create new opportunities within the industry. Stay tuned for more news.

Shendon Ewans, CEO & Co-founder of Gobbill