What to do when your clients aren’t co-operating

Have you ever had a client return information required for the BAS past your deadline, jeopardising your ability to lodge the return on time? Yes, of course, we all have. A member has recently asked how best to deal with this situation quarter after quarter.

Firstly, always follow up verbal conversations with your clients about their obligations and your requests for information in order to satisfy these obligations in writing. Just in case. It can be a really good idea to provide your clients with a quarterly or monthly planner with the individual compliance deadlines listed and highlighted responsibilities for who is providing what.

When a client repeatedly ignores your requests for required information and your capacity to meet lodgement deadlines is threatened, there may come a time to consider whether the client is the correct fit for your business. Continually following outstanding matters up is very time consuming and is sometimes something not billed out either, which impacts your productivity and profitability.

If it is time to move on from the client, provide them with plenty of notice about your resignation and offer them a handover service for any new BAS agent the business recruits as your replacement. Be very clear about your deadlines around wrapping these matters up and what your role in compliance support will remain to be in the interim.

In the event of non-payment of your invoice upon departure, you cannot withhold the software data or any records as these are the property of your client. The best, most efficient way to chase any outstanding invoices is to engage a debt collection service.

AAT recommends using CollectMORE Pty Ltd , an efficient debt collection service charging only upon successful collection of the outstanding debt(s). CollectMORE also provide a free app to assist small business collect debts prior to engaging a debt collecting service.