Where is the Cash Flow Bonus?

There seems to be some confusion about how and when the cash flow bonus for PAYGW credits will be received.

The bonus is applied to the business owner’s ATO Integrated Client Account (ICA) once the activity statement has been lodged.

  • If the activity statement total is less than the value of the bonus, the balance will be refunded into the client’s business bank account.
  • If the activity statement total is more than the value of the bonus, the credit will automatically be applied to the activity statement total in the ICA. The ATO does not send messages to either the agent or the business owner to notify them of the allocation of the credit. The credit is usually applied on the same day of lodgment.
  • The registered agent or business owner needs to check the ICA in the ATO agent online services or the ATO business portal to check the amount of the credit and the total payable against the activity statement.
  • Remember, allocate the credit to an ‘other income’ account called PAYGW Credit or Cash Flow Bonus or similar. 
See the AAT COVID-19 Information for Bookkeepers  webpage for more details on bookkeeping for the COVID-19 credits, deferrals, refunds and JobKeeper.