From 1 July this year, Single Touch Payroll reporting obligations came into effect, and it’s been a huge change in the way businesses report their payroll.
Already, 18,000 businesses have reported through MYOB’s STP solution, culminating in 240,000 successful transactions.
It’s been a huge change, so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible and align it as closely to their previous payroll process as possible – with one change.
At the end of the pay run, a pop-up window will open and show the ATO declaration.
The user will have to digitally sign their name and submit the pay run to the ATO.
To see if the submission was accepted, users can then go to their payroll reporting centre and check the ATO response.
At this point, the submission is either accepted or rejected, but for some they may see that their submission is “sending” and it may stay that way for more than a few seconds.
The reasons for that are varied, but generally speaking, there’s been a system failure.
With some STP-enabled software, the data would be rejected immediately at that point and the user would need to attempt to send it again (and possibly again).
The onus of the rejection would be placed on the user, and they would be responsible for contacting the ATO and proving that they tried and failed to file through STP.
But, MYOB does things differently.
When a file can’t be received, MYOB will record the failed attempt in our logs and send the file back into the queue for processing.
This process can happen repeatedly while other data is passed to the ATO without delay.
When these situations occur, the user has no need to worry.
Their software won’t slow done due to increased data sends and they won’t need to contact the ATO to let them know of the situation.
MYOB keeps detailed submission logs that record all attempts and the time it occurred to prove the submissions if it were ever required.
At the end of the day, it’s all about providing the best experience for the user.
If it wasn’t a great experience, we wouldn’t be using it ourselves.
From the MYOB Team.